Pay to Play? No Thanks! How to Get Coin Master Free Spins

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Coin master first hit app stores in 2010, but it never really made headway until their marketing team fueled the app with some serious influencer power. In 2017, Coin master subscriptions sky-rocketed after the app was shilled by Jianhao Tan of Singapore (dare we say to a cringe-worthy degree) and then pushed some more by the British influencer Morgz.

Coin master manipulates its players with consumer psychology such as risk-averse spending, scarcity values and social incentives. Combined with influencer marketing, it’s no wonder why they’re a top-grossing casino app around the world.

Many of us sink dollar after dollar into this digital money-printing machine. However, there are ways to play without spending a dime, and yet still have enough coins to lead epic hordes of raiders through opposing camps. After all, the point of a game is to play and have fun, but when a game turns into a money pit, it’s time to either quit or find a new strategy.

There are many hacks and ways to earn free coins and spins on Coin master. Some of the following ways cost you time while others are completely free of any real effort. We have assembled an up-to-date list of our favorite ways to get-rich-quick in Coin master.

coin master free spins

Coin Master Free Spins And Coins

Daily Email Gifts

By signing up for the daily email gifts, you can receive an astounding amount of free coins, spins, and cards each day. In some cases, you can win up to one million free coins! We suggest doing this right away because it takes seconds of your time to have residual coins delivered to your inbox on a daily basis. C’mon – multiple streams of income is entrepreneurship 101.

Small Giveaways from Affiliate Websites

The number of websites and Youtube videos with miniscule giveaways are endless. Nevertheless, the smaller rewards tend to come without strings attached. Below, you will see that bigger prizes will require something in return, and these smaller freebies require nothing but your capacity to click.

You can always find the current giveaways by googling, but since you’re here, some of the footwork has already been done for you. Sites like these show a bunch of links to smaller prizes and updates each month, so you can always “top up” on free coins and spins each month, for very little of your effort in return.

Watching In Game Ads

During gameplay, you can visit the village menu to watch advertisements for free coins. We hardly call that free, since you are trading your time to watch boring ads – but it is possible to get a bunch of free coins by revisiting the village menu to see if there are any new ads to watch. You can also earn free spins and cards by watching in-game ads.

Requesting Coins from Friends

This isn’t a good method at all if you have little to no friends, but it still works. You have friends though, right? (nervous sweating).. Ahem. You can also request free spins. Just go to the menu at the top right of the page, tap gifts and then free coins. Now select “collect & send all.” This isn’t the most lucrative way of getting free coins, but it’s good to practice generosity in all its forms – even if it’s sending loving acts of kindness through a mobile casino app.

Coin Master Free Spins

There is a pretty obvious connection between free spins and free coins: the more you spin, the more free coins you can get. Coin master gives you free coins throughout the day, but you can only accumulate a maximum of 50 coins. Therefore, it would be wise to check-in and roll your spins every ten hours or so. It’s quite clever of them to set it up that way hmmm? You wouldn’t want to miss out on free precious coins.

Hack the Game

There is no subtle way to put it: you can cheat the game and load-up on insane amounts of free coins and spins. An ethical grey zone exists here – Coin master is hacking your dopamine reward system, so it seems fair enough to hack their coin reward system, right?

You can always search the web for some of these hacks, but I’m just gonna leave this and this here like a duffle bag of ransom money under an abandoned bridge.  It’s not completely effort-free, but who cares? You’re getting loaded.

You’ll need to:

  • enter your Coin master username or email
  • select a couple of apps to download
  • make sure you spend at least 30 seconds on each app you download (this is a very important step, and you will have to start all over if you don’t spend the allotted time on each app)

Then viola! Return to Coin master and watch free spins and free coins roll in by the millions. It’s not completely unfair either. We’ve mentioned the ethical trade-off, but other companies are benefiting from this quasi-ethical method as well. You spend time on their apps, and they pay Coin master in some under-the-table way. Win-win-win.

Coin master, like other well thought out games, wants your time and money. They make revenue by selling your time to advertising companies and selling you opportunities to win. However, the only reward you get is fun, and fun should be free (or at least affordable). Coin master is a brilliantly addictive game and it’s exactly why you should make yourself aware of your free-coin options.

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