Free Fire Hack | Unlimited Diamonds Cheats 2020

Does Free Fire has Cheats?

By using game mods (from Google Play Store/Apple App Store) it is possible to cheat. You can use Aimbots, Wall hacks, No spread, enhanced aim assist and much more on both Android and iOS versions of Free Fire Battlegrounds. One thing that is also possible with Free Fire Hack is unlimited  money/coins, skins and diamonds.

Free Fire Hack

If you are looking to cheat in this game it can be done using various methods. Hacking, in general, is a modification of game code, memory or data in a way that allows players to have significant advantages compared to other players. The most popular on the market are mods done for Android and iOS systems. Typical free fire hack that you can expect to usually get include aimbot, wall hacks, speed hacks, teleporting, no reload, no recoil, aim assist, invisibility, no spread, semi-god. All of them are depending on your game version, what hacks are available and how server is responding at the moment.

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Aimbot cheat for Free Fire

In general an aimbot usually provides you with possibility to automatically aim and shoot, lock target, with the option of turning everything off and doing the shooting on your own. However, keep in mind while this hack might sound appealing and you will want to succeed in game easily, other players might notice your unusual level of Diamonds and Money/Coins.. Their raised suspicion could easily cost you and you might get banned from playing the game. Make sure when you download hacks to be careful about it and always protect your account. Check regularly for updates and use this cheat with respect towards other players. Don’t exploit it too much.

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Free Fire Mods & Menu Hacks

Cheats and their availability always depends on version of the game you use, how game client is processing data at given moment and what system you are using (Android/iOS). The best way to use cheats effectively is to get mods. Mods allow you to modify standard game files (both from Play Store and App Store). The way they work is that they are decompiling, reverse-engineering, modifying and recompiling Free Fire game app in a way that cheats can be used without other users discovering these hacks. This is making mods extremely popular in gaming community.

Free Fire Mods provide you with high quality hacks and in-game menu that will give you the option of activating/deactivating individual hacks to your preference, as well as configuring them to adjust them to your gaming style. High quality mods also come with an option to auto update whenever new patch is available, so you can always have the latest versions and maximum functionality.

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Wallhacks for Free Fire

Probably the most popular hack available in Free Fire is a wall hack. Wall hack allows you to see through walls easily. With this power you can see your enemies, supplies, grenades, loot the best weapons and armor giving you the advantage over other players as you can always be one step ahead of them. This will allow you to survive as you will be aware of what and who is in your surroundings. You can use it to find the best gear which will make you a Pro, but still keeping difficulty of the game intact, making sure it is still challenging enough to keep playing it.

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Scams for Unlimited Diamonds, Money/Coins & Skins in Free Fire

It is very important to keep in mind that Free Fire is an online game developed by Garena. All player data is stored on servers. It might sound very attractive when someone is offering hacks to get unlimited diamonds, money/coins or free skins but this is impossible in Free Fire, no matter what tool you use. Whoever is claiming this to be true, that you can get those things with mods, is probably baiting you into human verification survey scam and you should not trust it.

You can always try and use some of these tools to see if you are able to get what they are promising, but use it on your own responsibility, as this might get you banned from the game.

The only way to get your unlimited Diamonds and money in Free Fire is to use Private Game Servers. You can mod Free Fire in a way that it connects to a different server than the one that official Garena is using for the game. Owner of that alternative server can make his own rules that would allow use of cheats for unlimited diamonds, money, weapons and any other thing that you might need. Keep in mind, this sounds easier than it is and the way that a private server could be used for Free Fire is that the server software gets emulated or leaked, which would then allow users to set up their own servers. This is a great thing but you should know this is not applicable to every game.

Tools for Game Hacking in Free Fire

Many users cannot find working mods from sites they trust and decide to start creating their own hacks for Free Fire. It might seem intimidating at first but with the right tool you can easily create hacks to modify memory data of the game.

The main step in this process is to make sure that you never put in danger your main account, in case things don’t work out. It is important to always create a 2nd account that will be used to test and hack games. This is done in case something goes wrong and your account gets banned, you will still keep your main account intact. The best way to do it is to start following a tutorial. In the beginning you might make some mistakes which is normal, as gaining experience will come with time. Find tutorials from people that developed some useful techniques as it will make it easier to finish your hack.

Hacking other Mobile Shooters

Alternative to finding working mods and hacks for Free Fire, is always finding another Battle Royale shooting game that might be easier to cheat or simply it has a bigger community that will create many different mods and mod menus. Some of them are Fortnite, PUBG and PUBG M

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