Free Robux Codes: Don’t Fall For The Scams

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Everyone that plays Roblox knows that free Robux is in high demand. It’s easy to spend hundreds of Robux on pay-to-play games, the hottest accessories, and game passes—and then run out or Robux and start looking for more. Rumours of shortcuts, tricks, and codes for free Robux swirl around the internet, and it’s tough to tell which ones are true and which are fake.

Unfortunately, scammers are everywhere, and are quick to take advantage of people looking for ways to get free Robux. One of the most common ways they do this is by creating ads, websites, and profiles promising codes that give you free Robux. Don’t fall for it! There are no ways to get free Robux outside of Roblox. You have to earn it or buy it on the Roblox site, or with a gift card. Gift card codes are the only codes that get you Robux.

So why do scammers make fake offers for free Robux? Below, we’ll tell you all about what they’re hoping to get from you, the Robux code scams to watch out for, and why it’s important to steer clear of them.

What do scammers want?

There’s a reason that giving away Robux is against Roblox’s terms of service: it’s because usually, people don’t give away something for nothing. Scammers always have a reason for directing you to their websites. They usually use phishing tactics to trick you into giving away personal information, especially your Roblox login credentials or information on your computer. What do they do with that information?

  1. Get access to your Roblox account

Your login credentials are one of the most common things scammers go after. If a scammer gets your login and password information, that means they will be able to use your Roblox account to scam other people. Often, scammers will use hacked Roblox accounts to send other people messages, so they look more like real players. This is one of the most common tactics to get people to trust them with sensitive information.

That means that even if you don’t have any Robux or valuable items in your account, your Roblox account is still worthwhile for scammers who want to try to fool people. In fact, some scammers target Roblox accounts that don’t have a lot of Robux or items, because they think that these users will be more desperate for ways to get more. A lot of scammers will try to get you to go to “free Robux codes” websites that help them collect your login information.

The problem is, if scammers succeed and start using your account to bait other people, they can get you banned. Your account could be deleted without warning, erasing any progress you’ve made in your games.

  1. Steal your Robux or Limited items

Scammers also target accounts with a lot of Robux or special items, so they can steal what’s in the account. People have sometimes logged in to a website promising a free Robux code, only to find their account drained of all their Robux and Limited items after they enter their info. The websites that scammers make can look very official, and sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s legit and what’s not. A good rule of thumb is that if it’s directing you off the page you’re currently on with the promise of free stuff, it’s probably a scam.

Once scammers steal your stuff, they can use your account to scam other people, and it can get banned. The moral of the story: whether you have a lot of Roblox or a little, your account can be a target for phishing attacks.

  1. Get access to your computer

Sometimes, you’ll click on a link promising a free Roblox code and get directed to a website that asks you to click on different links or download programs. Downloading files from sketchy sites can lead to scammers logging your keystrokes to reveal passwords, getting access to other accounts such as banking information, or even gaining access to your computer.

These scam tactics can also take the form of “Free Robux mining” sites or other software that promises to earn you Robux just for downloading it. Usually, downloading these programs will just compromise your computer and won’t give you any free Robux.

  1. Other personal information

There are also a lot of rumours going around about sites that get you to fill out marketing surveys in exchange for Robux. The problem with these sites is that they collect your personal information to sell to other marketing companies. Often, you’ll spend hours filling out boring surveys for nothing.

Sometimes, the surveys will ask you to fill out information like your email address or phone number, which the marketers will then sell to spammers who will bombard you with messages. Even if the surveys did hand out Robux, receiving it from them would be against Roblox’s terms of service, and not worth the time and information you’d have to give them. There are way easier ways to earn Robux on the Roblox site, that are faster and less boring than filling out surveys!

How can you prevent your information from being stolen?

Even if you think you wouldn’t fall for any scams, it’s surprising how easy it can be to get fooled. Scammers are getting smarter all the time, and although Roblox admins try to put a stop to them, they’re always coming up with new methods of tricking people. Here are a few basic things you can do to prevent yourself from getting scammed.

  • Don’t click on any ads offering free Robux codes: This includes in Roblox itself, links on YouTube, or any profile pages offering free Robux. Take a look at this gallery of scam images to get an idea of what they look like. Remember that it’s against Roblox’s terms of service to give away free Robux, so anyone doing it is already breaking the rules.

  • Never give out your login info or password: Don’t give this information to anyone, for any reason. Roblox admins will never ask for your password, so anyone asking for your password and claiming to be a Roblox admin is trying to scam you.

  • Don’t send anyone screenshots or links: Sometimes scammers will ask for screenshots of your login page or links to your character decal, with a story about why they need your info. There’s never a good reason to send someone a screenshot or any pictures online.

  • Learn how to spot real Roblox admins: Being able to tell who is and isn’t a Roblox admin will help you avoid scams. It will also help you know where to go if you’re being harassed or if someone is trying to scam you.

  • Read up on some common scam tactics: Take a look at this Wikia page that tells you all about different Roblox scams, or the Reddit Roblox Wiki for common scams. Some scam tactics can be pretty persuasive, so it’s important to keep up to date about what to watch out for.

  • Only enter codes on the official Roblox website: There are two places you can enter codes on the Roblox website. The first is the Redeem Gift Cards page, where you can enter the number of a gift card you’ve received. The other is the Roblox Promo Codes, where you can redeem codes for avatar items. You can also redeem codes in games, but they will never give you Robux. If a game claims to have a code for free Robux, it’s probably a scam.

One of the other ways to prevent your info from being stolen is to look up common scams that sometimes pop up on games you play, especially if you play popular games like Adopt Me! or


Beware that sometimes scammers can make pages look almost exactly like real Roblox pages—the recent Ice Valk scam was an example of a page that looked a lot like an official Roblox login page, but was actually created by scammers to steal Roblox accounts. Remember that any official Roblox page won’t be promising how to get free robux codes or rare items for nothing. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

What to do if you’ve been scammed

The best way to protect your information is to avoid giving it out in the first place. But what can you do if you’ve already given out your password? First of all, don’t panic. There are some steps you can take to secure your account if it gets hacked. Here’s what you should do right away if you suspect you’ve been scammed:

1. Get rid of any malware

If you downloaded something or suspect you may have, run a virus scan to delete it from your computer before you fix your account. You can also take these steps to remove any cookie loggers from Windows.

2. Change your password

Go to your account settings (the gear on the top right of the Roblox homepage) and click on Settings.” Under Account Info, you’ll see your password and a pencil and paper icon to the right of it. Click on the icon to change your password.

3. Sign out of all other sessions

In the same screen on the left hand menu, click “Security” and scroll all the way down to Secure Sign Out. It will sign you out of all other Roblox sessions, including the ones on other devices you own. You’ll stay logged in on the browser you’re currently in, though. This will mean that anyone else using your account won’t be able to log in unless they have your new password.

You’ll be able to complete the next three steps from this menu as well:

4. Verify your email address

If the email address on your account is out of date, it will be harder to reset your password in the future. Make sure it’s verified and that it’s an email address you currently use, so that you can turn on two-factor authentication and receive codes in your email.

5. Turn on two-factor authentication

This will mean that you’ll have to enter a code sent to your email each time you log into your account on a new device. Unless the scammer has access to your email, they’ll be out of luck when they try to log in.

6. Enable your account PIN

A PIN is a 4-digit number you will have to enter each time you want to make changes to your account settings. Make sure it’s a number that will be easy for you to remember, but don’t make it a number that’s connected to your password.

7. Contact Roblox customer service if you’ve lost items

Roblox will do their best to recover the items you lost, or their equivalent in value, if it’s the first time your account has been hacked. Use the contact form at to get help with this—but make sure you do it soon, since Roblox only gives you 30 days from the time you got hacked to recover your Robux and items.

How to get legit free Robux

Although there aren’t any free Robux codes, you can find creative ways in the game to get free Robux! If you’re creative, you can create and monetize games and clothing. You can also collect and trade Limited items for Robux. You can earn Robux through their affiliate program, which gives you free Robux just for sharing links with your friends and followers. This is a great way to earn Robux if you have a Twitch account or a big social media following.

There are some other ways you can get Robux that you might not think of—for example, did you know that you can buy Robux with an iTunes or xBox gift card? Just redeem your iTunes card, and then you’ll be able to pay for your Robux in the app with your Apple ID. Or, you can buy Robux from the xBox Live website if you have money on your account.

Stay safe by staying smart

The more you know about shady websites, the better you’ll be at avoiding them. Don’t click on any links offering free Robux codes or free Robux, and don’t trust people who say that these sites worked for them (they’re often scammers too). Here are a few other suspicious things to watch out for:

  • Games that claim to give you free Robux are usually scams. Sometimes you can get Robux by trading items you earn in a game, but don’t trust games that are all about free Robux.

  • Anyone asking you for your password, for any reason is probably trying to scam you. This is true even if they have a sad story about how their own account got scammed. If they need help, you should direct them to Roblox support.

  • Games with login pop ups asking for your password are often designed with fake error messages that make you think you’re logged out when you’re actually still logged in. If you see a login message in the game, exit the game right away without entering your info.

  • Players claiming you scammed them and have the proof on another website. They’re just trying to get you to panic and go to a malicious website—if they really had a problem, they’d contact the Roblox admins and leave you alone.

  • Players asking for game testers are usually just trying to get information. There have been some recent scams going around that involve players asking people to test games they’re making and promising payment for it, but usually they want your information up front. Usually these requests are scams—real developers will be able to get game testers outside of Roblox.

If you see any of the above, or come across a website that claims to have a code for free Robux, report it. You’ll not only be helping to keep yourself safe, you’ll also be helping other players who might fall for the scam and get their account hacked.

And remember that if you want free Robux, keep playing! You never know what items you’ll come across that will be valuable in the future. Maybe you’ll make a game, or start a clothing store that takes off. When you do, you won’t be tempted by free Robux codes because you’ll be too busy earning it!

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