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Looking for Fortnite Free V Bucks or its hack version with unlocked/GPU fix, patched, and no ads? Your search ends here. In this article, you’ll know everything about Free V Bucks v13.00.0-13715664 (Unlocked).

Fortnite is an online video game developed in 2017 by Epic Games. With the same general gameplay and game engine, it comes with three distinct versions. The download score has reached more than 10M+ so far. And the game is available for both, Android and iOS for free.

Fortnite is available on mobile devices. It is the gameplay you can log into from PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mac, Switch, and any computer system. One these operating systems, you’ll enjoy same map, same gameplay, and same weekly updates. Build your forte, jump in and squad up with the friends from all over the world or in the same room for you to be the last one standing in Fortnite Free V Bucks Battle Royale.

Features in Free V Bucks Hack

Party Hub – It allows the players to never stop partying with friends. Just check out who’s online, get connected, and party up. Jump into the game using any platform you like or just have voice chats. Hand in with your friends while you’re out and about. No matter where you’re, now you can take party with you all the time.

Creative – This game hit you up with many creative possibilities. If you play it with friends of other multiplayers, there are countless creative communities to explore through. Also, on heading to creative hub, you got the opportunity to find a new featured island every day.

Build and Destroy – It is a plus that you can shape your battlefield as per you want & build a cover to protect it. And if there is some enemy hiding behind the wall, you can also take out their cover to take the edge.

Gear up – If you want to switch zone or just gear up with new weapons, there are battle buses available. Board into one, drop in your favorite area, collect resources, and then battle your opponents. The last one standing will win.

Team up with your friends – This game allows you to virtually gather with your friends from across the world or may in the same room.

Epic updates & events – Fortnite keeps on expanding every day. Some exciting new avatars, updated weapons, new gameplay modes, and a lot more items are subjected to fuel up the fun.

Console gaming on the go – The developers never let the player lose hold of their favorite game – no matter where they are. Play this game to the fullest anytime & anywhere you want. Go through the quests, complete them on the go, and track progress of your battle field on the go.

What’s new in the latest update?


FORTNITE – Top Secret. Welcome to the Agency. Here you’d have come highly recommended. Covert operatives – ghost and shadows – have taken over the island. And now, it’s fate in your hands. Are you ready to join the fight?


EASY INTERACT – A new way to loot interactions and loot pick ups with large icons. You can explore more by checking out the touch interaction settings.

THE SPY GAMES – If you’re starting now, jump to into the operation straightaway. Dropzone LTM is a new Tech system that unlocks different perks in the spy games. And you can check out all the new gadgets too.

CHOPPA – This is a vehicle which you can get in and lift off to take on the enemy along with four of your team mates.


SUIT UP – The Fortnite Chapter 2 – Here is your season 2 battle pass. In this update, you’ll get new outfits, emotes, up to 1,500 V-bucks, etc.

CRACK THE VAULTS – Face off against the leaders of your enemy’s base, take their keycard and break the vault within. It is a chance to earn yourself tons of loot.

Features in Fortnite Hack

  • Unlocked/GPU Fix
  • Patched
  • No Ads



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