How To Avoid Free Robux Scams

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You probably already know all about Roblox. It’s a wildly popular gaming platform where you can play other users in a wide range of online user-created games, which is where much of this platform’s appeal comes. But a big reason why Roblox is so attractive to players is that it doesn’t require spending real money to use most of its content.

In a world full of pay-to-play games, Roblox is a breath of fresh air. However, you do have the option to unlock additional features within the site using the platforms’ in-game currency known as Robux. With it, you can purchase other games, items that enhance your gaming experience, clothing, servers for just you and your friends, or a subscription to The Builders Club.

But, you don’t always have to spend real money to get Robux. You can also earn free Robux, and if you accumulate enough, you can exchange it for real money. To do this, you must be older than 13, have a Robux premium subscription, and a Paypal account. If you are a younger player, you will need your parent’s permission and help to convert your funds.

Some players spend a lot of time on the platform chasing free Robux – after all, who doesn’t like the idea of getting free money? Because that’s essentially what free Robux is. There are many ways you can earn free Robux, such as by creating games of your own, in-game advertising, and drawing in new players.

Having a lot of Robux is a great way to get more perks and have even more fun on Roblox. But some players see it as a must-have and will try to find easy ways to score more. Unscrupulous users know that many players are looking for free Robux and will try to trick them with various scams. That’s why if someone promises free Robux in exchange for your information, you should never trust them.

We know you like free stuff as much as we do, and that’s why we devoted this entire article to tell you about the different ways that gamers are getting scammed in their quest to get more free Robux.

The Different Types Of Free Robux Scams

If you are a younger Roblox player, chances are you don’t have the money to purchase the in-game currency, leaving you particularly vulnerable to scams that promise free Robux. You might have seen some of these scams yourself, or even fallen for one – but hopefully, that’s not the case. A promise for free Robux might look authentic, but if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Some features within the platform are particularly at risk to free Robux scams, like the limited trading system. Roblox admins have tried to prevent the most common scams by blocking comments on games, badges, and passes. But still, developers can allow comments on things like clothing, Library assets, and UGC items. As scammers evolve, their strategies change. We’ll go into some of the most common free Robux scam tactics so that you can avoid them at all costs.

Scam Bots

If you watch the public chat channel during a free-to-play MMO, you might have seen links like “~*~Free Robux!!!*~*”. Scam bots post these gimmicks to attract you with the idea that you’ll be getting free Robux, but you should never click on these links.

A scam bot is an account that sends automated messages intended to attract players to unsecured websites and steal their personal information or Roblox account details (this is known as phishing). If you ever receive one of these messages, ignore it and report it.

Scam bots promising free Robux and more have been a problem for the platform for a long time. But ever since Roblox removed Tickets, the number of bots has soared. They used basic avatars from 2017 to 2018, often wearing free clothing or sometimes using the default appearance you get after signing up. Some wore clothes that looked like the official ROBLOX account. Lately, many use avatars from accounts stolen in a phishing scheme.

Scam bots are smart and made to sound like actual players, but they’re not. You’ll find these bots don’t just post comments in chats, they also follow and send friend requests on a mass scale to reach more players. Sometimes, they join random free-to-play servers and send messages like, “I just got tons of free Robux by visiting [scam site]!” before leaving a few seconds later.

Roblox has made efforts to stop these accounts, like setting up mandatory CAPTCHAs and registering before making posts. These efforts have helped, but it’s still essential to report any bots offering free Robux that you run across on the site.

Free Robux for Gameplay

Gameplay scams are one of scammers’ preferred methods of scamming. Using this tactic, the scammer will upload a short, straightforward game that promises free Robux. Many of these games are no more than templates with some variation. When you complete the game, you’ll see a dialog box asking you to “authenticate” your account by entering your username and password before getting your free Robux.

Fake games that promise free Robux aren’t the only way scammers trick players. They also sell fake game passes that promise exclusive in-game features but actually offer nothing after purchasing it. The admin game pass scam works similarly and is frequently seen in roleplaying games. The scammer tells the player this pass will let them use admin commands from an in-game command script. However, it is typically just a small number of commands that you can only use on yourself.

Roblox never asks players for their username or password. If you encounter a game that requests your credentials to get free Robux (or anything else), you should report the account immediately.

Free Robux Messages

With this in-game method, the scammer will send you a message promising free Robux if you trade them a specific item. Look at their avatar to verify if it is a scammer. If the user’s things are all free, it’s almost guaranteed a scammer.

Additionally, check out their profile to see if they have a Premium membership. If they don’t, they might ask you to join a group, since only subscribers or group members can exchange Robux.

Botted Roblox Places

This scam directs you to visit a website other than Roblox while promising free Robux or a Premium membership in return. A botted Roblox place typically uses thousands of fake accounts to promote the game to the front page.

Fake Ads

Roblox-related promotions promise users perks like free Robux or Premium membership. Like botted Roblox places, these fake ads will tell you to visit a separate website such as a YouTube channel or a phishing site.

Free Items

With this scam, your friends or random players who have been hacked will send you messages along the lines of, “if you use (fake code) on (phishing site), you’ll get free Robux (or hot item). When you go to this site, you will find a login screen resembling the official Roblox site. But if you try to log in with your credentials, the scammer will hack into your account and steal your Robux or special items, or use your account for future scams.

Live Streams

Scammers set up fake live streams on YouTube and promise free Robux for anyone who watches. These live streams typically use bots to moderate the chat and to pose as fake viewers. The bots will filter messages to prevent chat messages saying that the stream is fake from appearing. The host might include fake videos showing them giving free Robux to other players. Sometimes, these live streams contain links to dangerous websites.

Stay away from YouTube channels that promise free Robux in exchange for subscribing. They are designed intentionally to beef up the channel’s subscriber count and don’t follow through on their promise. The same thing occurs on Twitter, so be aware of these potential scams.

Phishing GUI

These are typically seen in fake games promising free Robux. Like the free items scam, these use a realistic GUI that looks similar to the real Roblox login and will ask you for your credentials. If you enter them, the scammer will steal your information.

Robux Generators

Robux generators are one of the most widespread scams. They are clickbait videos posted on YouTube that promise a far-fetched reward, such as a massive sum of free Robux. Although these videos’ intent may seem obvious, eager players might not realize that the offer is too good to be true.

Usually, the viewer just has to click a link to visit a different site or download a file. The generator asks for your login information to give you the free Robux, and that’s when the scammer will steal your account.

What Should I Do If I Encounter A Scammer?

There are many reasons why scammers do what they do. Some want to get rare or valuable items, and exploiting other players’ trust is the quickest and easiest way to get them. Or, they might want to boost their subscriber or follower count on YouTube or Twitter. And others might just be malicious, with no real motive other than hurting others.

But just like there are many motives behind scammers’ actions, there are just as many ways to protect yourself, including:

Asking Your Parents For Help

Your parents would much rather you come to them than find out about a scam later. Always ask for their permission before making a purchase or downloading a link.

Changing Your Settings

Stop scam bots and other questionable users from sending you messages. Go to Privacy and adjust your permissions for who can send you messages.

Never Sharing Your Account Credentials Or Cookies

This is how players are most frequently scammed. Never give your information to someone else, including online surveys. Roblox staff will never ask players for their information.

Setting Up Two-Step Verification

Even if someone gets your password, two-step verification keeps them from logging into your account. When a sign-in on a new device is detected, Roblox issues a code to your email, and you (and the scammer) won’t be able to log in without it.

Logging Out of Your Account

If you use a public computer like at school or a friend’s house, you should always log out when you finish playing Roblox.

Creating A Unique Password

With hackers becoming more common, you should use a different password for every account you create. Don’t include personal information in your password, and use one that is difficult to guess.

Recognizing Fake Websites Or Messages

Roblox only allows links to other pages on the platform or those listed in the rules. Similarly, messages like “f*ree*.ro*b*ux.o*mg.c*om (just remove the * and go there and get free robux + membership + cheats!)” “or free Robux here” directs you to sites that will hack you and steal your items or even your entire account. If you come across a login page that looks like the official Roblox screen, check the URL to ensure you are on the real site.

If you notice a scam promising free Robux or anything else, make sure you report it right away! You can report messages, links, and games by clicking Report Abuse in the game menu. Robox’s moderators will then take action against whoever is trying to scam you. Not only that but reporting bad actors ensures the platform stays a fun and safe place for everyone.

Remember, the best things in life might be free, but not when it comes to free Robux. There are other ways to get Robux, which we’ll discuss in another post. Now that you know the common types of free Robux scams and how to protect yourself from them, make sure you do your part by reporting them.

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