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Roblox is an immensely popular Sandbox game that lets its players design, build, create, and play their own custom made games. The game itself is Free to Play. This means as much that you could play the game your entire life without ever having to spend any money. However, Roblox is not silly and would instead people pay for some stuff in the game. They do this by introducing items like customs skins, accessories, game passes, and promo codes to get free Robux.

These items can be paid for by using Robux. The in-game currency for Roblox. You get Robux by either buying them, becoming a premium member, or getting them for Free. Today we will have a look at how you can get as many free Robux as possible.

If you are pretty decent in things like design, marketing, or developing games, this article should help you get free Robux. If you are looking to get free Robux handed to you just like that, then we have to apologize. Let us explain:

Robux and Scammers, a great combination

As the Roblox website mentions, there are no proper manners to get Robux without spending money on the Roblox website or through accredited partner websites. Now, and we’ll go through this a little later in more detail, this isn’t 100% true. There are quite a few ways you can get free Robux on the Roblox site, through the games and through promotions from the developer. There is no way that you can get free Robux through other websites. So stay away from Hacks, Scams, Cheats, etc. Especially when they want your personal details.

So what are the ways you can actually get free Robux

Roblox has an affiliate program

Roblox has started an affiliate program that rewards you with free Robux for every person that signs up through you. Even better, if you are a game developer, you can get Free Robux for every player that signs up from your game’s pages.

Now, if you are a game developer, people will not just find your game. A massive 20 million games are made on Roblox each year. That’s 38 games a minute. So you will need to do some serious advertising. How? Well, start with social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Maybe make a blog on YouTube about your game etc. Remember, we want free Robux. So how do we make a game?

Create a game in Roblox

The fastest way to get as much free Robux as you can get your hands on is to create a massively popular Roblox game. Now it’s not as easy as it sounds. But bear with us as you get way, way more Free Robux through making a game than anything else.

Roblox comes with a game development program, this program allows you to make some seriously complex games. The good thing is that you do not need to know how to code, and you can learn pretty much everything there is to know through the Roblox tutorials or YouTube. If you then decide to make a more complex game, there are tons of resources available online about the Roblox scripting language.

Is your game ready? Start selling game passes!

As your game is now ready, it’s also ready to generate Robux. Each new player that you sign up through your pages gives you Free Robux. What we want is some serious Robux, right? That means we need to start selling Game Passes.

Game passes are specialty items that give players special abilities or free stuff. What they actually get is entirely up to you, but you do need to make it appealing. So it could be cool skins, superpowers in your game ( just make sure your game supports the superpower), or even weapons. Promote your game pass to the players you have and watch the Free Robux pour into your account.

Just keep in mind that you need to set a price for your Game Pass. Don’t go too high, keep in mind that people play a game, so keep it reasonable. Especially when you just get started. Once you have a few thousand players, go ahead and score big!

Become a Fashion Designer

So this one you will have to invest a bit of money. You will need to sign up for Roblox Premium. The reason for this is that this will give you access to Roblox Marketplace.

In the Marketplace, you can buy, trade, sell items. You get a monthly amount of Free Robux and a 10% bonus if you buy Robux directly from the store. However, that’s not the important part.

In the Marketplace, you get access to the clothing design area. You can design your own clothing in the Marketplace and put that up for sale. Now, if you are a bit of a decent designer and you have some seriously fresh ideas for clothing, a decent fashion sense, and know what people want, then this could be the place for you to make some serious Free Robux.

Ok, I have so much Free Robux. What do I do with it?

Now, at the end of the day, we all like to make some cash. And with enough Robux, you can certainly make a lot of money. There are a few restrictions that Roblox places on making money, these are that you need to be at least 13 years old, you need to be a member of the Outrageous Builders Club Tier, and you need a minimum of 100.000 Robux in your account. Once you cover all those bases, you can start earning by selling your Robux. Roblox will give you USD 0.0035 per 1 Robux. So if you sell your 100.000 Robux, you will get $350.00. And that is not a bad way to make some cash.

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