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How To Find And How To Install Minecraft Mods That Are Really Amazing

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A word of caution (before you learn how to install Minecraft mods)

Only use mods that are updated (by their manufacturers) whenever Minecraft is updated by Mojang. This is imperative because in some cases, the ID code used in the mod might be used for some other feature in the updated version of Minecraft. When you have two IDs that are the same but created to play to different functions, you can have a total crash. It might take the mod authors a few days or even weeks to complete their update and ensure it is aligned with the latest Minecraft update.

  • Before you download Minecraft mods, make sure you have the technical capabilities to run a mod. This will also help to prevent crashes, lags, and other inconveniences.
  • Ensure you have software that can run compressed files because most mods contain a fair amount of data in compressed files. Recommended software to handle this includes WinRAR and also 7-Zip
  • Read the full description of the mod prior to downloading it. Also, ensure you carefully follow the instructions provided by the author. Not all mods are the same – never treat them like they are. Each time you install a mod, do it as though it is the first time.
  • Avoid installing similar mods to run at the same time. This can cause conflicts between the mods causing the game to crash. You can generally find information about which mods are in conflict with which by checking the author’s notes. You can always use common sense – for example avoid mods that play a similar role or affect the same objects.

How To Install Minecraft Mods

Before you learn how to download Minecraft mods: How mods work

Mods work thanks to a process called obfuscation. It means that the .jar folder in the Minecraft game is rewritten to include the elements of your mod. The .jar folder contains all of the information that the game needs in order to run. When you rewrite that folder, you can rewrite it to include everything it needed to run, altering only the relevant details in the game that pertains to your mod.

Each element in the game has its own ID which enables the game to identify it and include it. When you rewrite the .jar folder to include the ID of the new elements you’re adding, you’re writing new content into the game. It means you’re really getting down to the bare bones of the game – this is why the manufacturers won’t offer you protection against crashes if you have mods installed, you’ve essentially rewritten their game in a way that waives them from liability.

It’s no longer technically speaking) the same game they sold you, even if your mod only made changes, it still altered the code from how they intended it to run.

How to install Minecraft mods using a ModLoader

MinecraftForge is a convenient mod loader that makes it easier to install your mods. There is no single and trustworthy source to find and download mods, so you have to be careful about what you install and where you download it from. First, you have to download and install the mod loader.

These are the basic instructions for downloading a mod loader to assist with installing Minecraft mods:

  1. Visit the official site for downloading Minecraft Forge here.
  2. Select and then download 1.6.4-Recommended version (this tutorial is generalized so that it is suitable for both Mac and Windows users)
  3. Once it has completed the download process, right-click and select “Open With and choose “Java”.
  4. Next, you want to complete the installation. Click on “install client” and then “continue”
  5. Now, when the installation process is complete, open the Minecraft launcher. Create a new profile using the version with Forge- and the version you installed.
  6. Voila! You’re good to go! Now you can play Minecraft.

How to install Fabric mods

Fabric is the alternative to Forge, if you’re looking for a way to download a mod loader. It’s an up and coming platform that does not run alongside Forge, so be sure to choose which one you prefer before you install them. This is how to download this platform safely;

  1. First, you want to acquire the Fabric server installer, you have to download it. Remember, in order to ensure you get the correct version you must select the “server” option. You don’t want the client version!
  2. Select the “Server” tab while you run the installer. You’ll have to specify which Minecraft version you want Fabric to run with, as well as the Fabric loader version – now select “install” in order to install what you’ve selected.
  3. Wait for the download to give you a message that reads “Server successfully installed”. Now you’ll have to download the server jar.
  4. Find the download in your file location and rename the file from “fabric-server-launcher.jar” file to “custom.jar”.
  5. Open the Prisma control panel and upload both of the files (server.jar file and custom.jar file) to your file manager.
  6. Go to the “Overview” tab in Prisma, then click “Change” in the server type field, select “Custom” as the server source, then click “Continue” -> “Install” and start up your server to launch Fabric.

How to install Minecraft mods and the Fabric API

  1. Make sure that you do complete steps 1-7 that are mentioned above, perfectly. Also, ensure your server is running the correct version of Fabric. The version depends on the mods you’re looking to install. Make sure they’re correct.
  2. Navigate to the File Manager within Prisma (“Customize” -> “File Manager”).
  3. Open the mods folder, or create and then open it if it does not yet exist.
  4. Drag-and-drop each individual mod .jar file into the folder. Alternatively, you can also try to add each file using the “Upload” section toward the top-right of the panel.
  5. Once you have uploaded every mod you plan on using to the server, restart the server, you should be A for away without a problem!

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