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ludo king mod apk

Ludo King Mod Apk  is a game coming from an Indian studio Gametion Technologies, available on both Android and iOS platforms, downloaded more than 100 million times so far. It is a modern version of a traditional Indian game played by Indian royal families in ancient times. It is based on a board game called Ludo, which was developed from an ancient Indian game Pachisi, later popular in many different cultures under different names.

Game is offering several game modes to play. You can choose to play in offline mode, having Computer as your opponent and master your skills.
You can select a classical multiplayer option to team up with 3 different players around the world and join an exciting game full of twists and turns. At first it might seem like a simple task, but quickly you will realise you need to have a good strategy, think one step ahead of your opponents otherwise they will beat you and take your spot on the Leaderboard.

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Game has very simple rule of moving 4 assigned tokens of the same color around the board into the center of it, called “Home”. The fastest player that reaches Home is the winner.  Another cool multiplayer feature is “Local Multiplayer” where you can team up with your family or friends and see who has the shortest temper and who has hidden tricks up in their sleeve.Select from multiple themes to make your gaming experience unique. Make your opponent angry by sending emojis and messages to make them lose concentration and take your victory!

Ludo King MOD APK Game Features

Ludo King Mod Apk offers some amazing and exciting features. One of the most popular is that it doesn’t require internet connection, allowing you to play this game no matter where you are, have fun even without a connection!

Learn Ludo game rules fast, as it is the same as the game that was played for generations. Roll the dice, take your tokens and move them around the board, trying to beat other players as you reach center of the board as quickly as possible. On your way make sure other players don’t “eat” your tokens, as this will return you to the beginning. Think fast, make strategies and always win.

• Team up with family or friends in an online local multiplayer mode.
• Play in multiplayer mode with 2-6 players from all over the world.
• Invite Facebook friends in a private game room and become Ludo King as you take your victory!
• Enjoy in multiple mini games like Snakes & Ladders and 7 Up Down!
• Unlimited Coins.
• Unlimited Money.
• Optimized Gameplay for a smooth experience.
• New Themes Updated.
• New Languages added
• No Ads!

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