war robots mod apk

War Robots is an action game coming from a team of developers at PIXONIC, on both Android and iOS platforms, downloaded more than 50 million times. War Robots is a free premium third-person shooter with real-time PvP Battles available in Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, aka MOBA. Players are given Robots to operate them on a live battlefield. You can opt to play solo or team up with other players and win this war!

Become the best robot pilot on the battlefield as you fight off surprise attacks, use intelligent tactics and strategies to avoid deadly manoeuvres. When you enter a battle you are randomly placed on one out of 12 maps available. Each map has its own style, structure and design. You need to use logic, strategic skills and adapt fast to your environment or you won’t survive.

Choose from different modes of gameplay, depending on your style, and level up to unlock Titans. With them, climb the Leaderboard, win the League and become the best Commander on the field!

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War Robots MOD APK Features

Choose from 50 different robots. Each robot has its own style and special powers. Discover your style, use it and become the smartest, fastest and toughest pilot on the battlefield. You can choose your game style, whether you want to save and protect or crush and destroy. It is all up to you, with huge selection of different weapons, including missiles, cannons and giant shotguns!

Each robot is fully customizable to your preference, combinations are endless. Every update bring expansion to the robot world. Discover and explore new areas, upgrade your robots and join a massive real-time multiplayer to take your victory.The latest update will include seasonal events like Halloween package with new chests, weapons and new pilots.

New robots like Leech, where an enemy damages you they damage themselves, or new unique weapon like Cryogenic Pack, where you freeze and shatter are all available! Win exclusive equipment in a major YAN-DI Showdown, or use robots to travel across Space. Improved Pilots with their own stories, personalities used to power your robot. Have fun with new repair units and amazing customizations like paint jobs and skins.

Additional War Robots Mod Apk FEATURE include:

  • Infinite Ammo
  • Infinite Missile
  • HD Graphics
  • No Ads