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traffic racer hack

Traffic Racer Hack is an endless arcade racing game coming from developers at Soner Kara Studios, on both Android and iOS platforms, and so far downloaded more than 100 million times.

Traffic Racer was the first game of this genre that offered unique gameplay where your main goal is to drive a car through heavy highway traffic. Successful drives and completed missions will earn you cash allowing you to buy upgrades and new cars.

Endless racing is redefined to a level where physics and graphics are realistic, more than 35 cars are offered to choose from. Roam in 5 different locations, sharpen your driving skills in heavy traffic of suburban areas, or through sandy deserts. Experience snow, rain and night mode in cities as you cut through traffic beating time and collecting bonuses.

Traffic Racer Hack Features

Traffic Racer Hack is giving a unique endless racing experience, with simplified controls for improved gaming. Simply tilt your screen to steer, and use on screen icons to control gas and brakes. Customize your vehicle with paint jobs and new rims, climb the Leaderboard and unlock special achievements.

The faster you drive, over 100km/h, points are scored faster, giving you more cash at the end of the mission to afford multiple upgrades and become the wildest driver in the valley.

Test your reflexes as you drive by trucks, in between cars or driving in the opposite direction.

All cars have realistic handling and all tracks are loaded with variety of vehicles like trucks, buses and SUVs.

You can play in 5 game modes, anywhere from an endless ride to a police chase. Choice is yours!

Latest updates bring some brand new features like total support for iPhone devices, new vehicles and graphic updates.

Vinyls and color picker were added to improve customization of your vehicle. Now you can make it your own and stand out on the road. User interface is completely redesigned, offering very simple navigation and finally now your car showroom can be shared with your friends.

With Traffic Racer Hack you get exclusive access to some of the premium features like:

• Unlimited Coins
• Unlimited Cash
• Unlimited Keys
• Store items unlocked and activated
• No Ads

User Reviews of Traffic Racer Hack

User 1: I finally downloaded this game and it is superb! No annoying ads or anything to distract you while you concentrate as you move through heavy traffic. Tempo of the game is great, where it is always challenging enough and keeps you on the edge of your eat, making you to play more!

User 2: I love amazing and realistic graphics, you have a feeling you are really behind the wheel of that car and need to go through traffic fast as you reach your destination. So far the best racing game of this type!

User 3: Cars are good, they behave nice, game is fun to play and I love the fact that I can change my car however I like, change color, add rims and make it look super cool I suggest you download this game, and have fun with it!

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